If only tmux would handle serial ports like screen does. Other than that I’ve really enjoyed using tmux.

It’s nice to have an explanation for all the great shortcuts. This article gives a glimpse of thought process behind vim.

Very doable project and something my car needs. This project is going into my queue.

I really like these kinds of projects. I’m going to convert this one to the Fubarino Mini. Possible that the FubarStep board might a nice addition.

Convenient for picking the current protocol instead of switching between http or https hardcoded.

Mind The Gap

All my post for the last two years are stuck in a Posterous export, and in an ugly Post Haven account. So we’ve got a big gap in posts. These will eventually be filled in. In the meantime enjoy the new posts.

I’m soo looking forward to porting Heat Death to the Gameduino, and powering it with a chipKit Max32.

Soo many months of work to make it onto Hack-a-day.